Shaq Mason Makes an Announcement About His Future at Patriots

Teams lose and welcome players each season. Some of them manage to make good deals, while others lose the brightest stars. That’s exactly what happened when the New England Patriots lost their best offensive lineman Nate Solder. He left the team to sign with the New York Giants. Pats won’t risk to lose another player, and will have to keep emerging guard Shaq Mason.

The team will have to pay enough to keep him on-board, and Shaq Mason has already given his opinion on the intentions to play in New England.

Mason stated that he wants to be part of the Pats family past the final year of his current contract. Let’s not forget that Mason’s rookie deal expires at the end of this season. however, he’s not actually looking ahead to the potential payday. “I’m just worried about reporting to training camp July 25 and taking it from there,” Mason said.

Pats use to grant extensions to offensive linemen before the expiration of their rookie deals. Marcus Cannon signed such extension, and Solder was given a extension opportunity in 2015.

NFL guards enjoy lavish contracts, and Zack Martin of the Dallas Cowboys is the highest paid guard in the league. He earns $14 million per year. Andrew Norwell of the Jacksonville Jaguars gains $13.3 million.

Mason won’t get the highest amount of money from the Pats, but he’s willing to stay in the team. This makes things a lot easier for both him and team managers.

“It’s really important to me because of all the effort and encouragement that my hometown has given me, just being from a place that not many make it out of. So I’m able to give back to the community and do things like that. It’s honestly like the first time that the city of Columbia has seen things like this, where someone is having a camp for kids and doing things for the community like that,” said Mason.

Let’s see how will things work for him.

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