Shaq Releases Surprising Statement About LeBron’s Free Agency

The NBA is far from being a source of profits. Well, it’s not like basketball players don’t earn anything. Most of then sign their contracts in an effort to enter the best team and play with the most talented squad. Yes, haters won’t admit it, but most players are actually switching teams in order to get the most of their skills. LeBron joined the Lakers, and the big Shaq talked about it.

Winning the game is important, and LeBron knows it. He’s all about the rings, and the Lakers are the team to bring him closer to another huge award. NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is quite surprised by the way LeBron went through his free agency. Many fans would share Shaq’s opinion.


“I would have thought because–see we all have egos. When I had my three rings, I wanted to get four before Kobe (Bryant) did…So, I thought LeBron’s process was going to be, ‘I got three, Steph Curry’s got three. I’m going to stay here, bring some people or go to a team I can get four before (Curry) got four,” Shaq said. That’s a good point.

However, LeBron knew that the LA contract was a big deal for him. He has already said he likes being set at the very top. But, experts wonder… Is Los Angeles the place to be if you aim for more rings?

According to Shaq, the Lakers isn’t the team for LeBron’s future plans, adding that King James needs lights-out shooters. LeBron can sure play well with Josh Hart and Kyle Kuzma, but what about the rest of the team? Shaq doesn’t really see the squad winning a major award.

Well, let’s wait and see how will the Lakers handle the new scheme. Maybe we’ll all be surprised, maybe they will win the ultimate award…

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