Watch: LeBron James Jr.’s Mind-Blowing Summer AAU Highlights

LeBron James is the greatest figure in the world of basketball, and it seems like his son Bronny will be as successful as his father. The kid’s AAU highlights just came out, and he’s more than brilliant.

Bronny may be 13, but he has already mastered the dunking part of the game. Some say that he’s even more efficient than his father at that particular age. Does this mean that Bronny will be the next king? Just go through his AAU highlights.

LeBron “Bronny” James Jr. is the oldest son of King James and his wife Savannah. The James couple has three kids, Bronny, Bryce Maximus and Zhuri Nova. Bronny is already winning championships, and we believe that his brother and sister will be as great as him.

Today, Bronny is filling headlines with his skills. He’s part of the North Coast Blue Chips, and they did a really good job this summer. Bronny had an excellent performance in each game, and those skills are out of this world. LeBron’s oldest son may be too young to enter a team, but he’s definitely better than the kids at his age.

Vicious minds would say that Bronny is only successful because of his father. But, if you look closer at his game, you’d see that the kid has a shocking performance, and knows how to do things on the basketball court.

LeBron and Savannah are proud of their son, and they’ve been here to support his game. LeBron grew up without a father figure, and he will never let Bronny down. That’s why he’s attending almost every game Bronny takes part in, and even coaches his team. We’ve seen all the videos in which King James shows the kids a few tricks on how to impove their game, and that’s awesome.

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