Take a Look At LeBron James In Lakers Colours For The First Time – It’s Amazing (VIDEO)

LeBron James rocked the world of NBA with the departure from Cleveland. His moving to Los Angeles was enough for haters to start inventing fake stories. But, we all know that LeBron made the right decision to join the Lakers, and it would be nice if he retires in a Lakers uniform.

When it comes to Lakers uniforms, LeBron was caught wearing one for the first time. It was amazing, emotional and astonishing. Watching King James roll with a Lakers uniform on brought tears to our eyes! Haters won’t like it, that’s a sure bet.


So, King James is now in Sin City, and he’s here to take a closer look at all the conditions surrounding his four-year contract.

LeBron was seen at Las Vegas Summer League, and he wore the Lakers’ signature Forum blue and gold shorts. He was there to watch the Lakers Summer League team take on the Pistons in the quarter-finals of the LVSL tournament.

Watching the new squad must be exciting. LeBron had the opportunity to see everything that will be happening to him in the next four years. It was definitely pleasant to meet the players and watch the game.
Brandon Ingram was there too. Meeting a new teammate? Nice.

LeBron didn’t have to go to Vegas, but it was definitely nice from him, as this move is something that builds trust with his new teammates. Ingram and Josh Hart appreciated his appearance. Hart will be in the main squad this season.


They will definitely make a team, and we’re looking forward to their game. The Los Angeles Lakers are entering the season at full speed, and this will be one of the most interesting seasons ever. The NBA has never seen so many basketball stars at one place. Who will be the best of them all? Let’s wait and find out.

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