TMZ Releases LeBron James’ Rap Song From 2014

LeBron James is the ultimate basketball star, and this man knows how to roll on the basketball court. LeBron James has gained so much success in his career, and yes, we’re about to get the best of him. But, do you know that King James tried to amaze the audience with his rap skills? He even made a rap song! Wow!

The brilliant NBA star keeps surprising us with his basketball skills. His deals keep growing with every year that goes by, and his last contract is worth $154 million. Would LeBron be this successful if his rap song became as popular as his basketball game? Who knows… Maybe…

Many argue that LeBron doesn’t really have the perfect rap skills. TMZ Sports went on sharing LeBron’s rap verse. They song was titled “Kingdom,” and it was made in 2014. King James worked on it with his friend Sian Cotton.

“Say what you want about the King. Got money, got cribs, got whips and oh yeah, got two riiiings,” the king rapped right before winning the third championship with his favorites, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

That’s an awesome lyrics. But, the audience didn’t quite accept it, otherwise LeBron would’ve become a popular rapper.

TMZ Sports also explained that rapper YG wanted to work with King James on a brand new song. His time in Los Angeles will make this collaboration even easier. But, the rapper still thinks that LeBron is too old to turn his rap dreams into reality.

So, LeBron James better stick in the world of basketball. He’s doing an amazing job there, and fans love him. We love his game, his skills, his attitude on the court. Keep up the good job, King James, the basketball audience is with you. Oh, and so is the rap world. He may not be the best rapper out there, but people love him.

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