Tom Brady And His Children Raised Huge Amount Of Money For Charity

Yes, Tom Brady proved that he’s one of the greatest players to ever hit the field. Brady is the Patriots’ brightest star, and we’re proud of him. This time he gave us another reason to cheer. Tom Brady and his family took part in a great action, and helped raising money for a charity.

Tom Brady has been part of the Patriots family since forever. He is an awesome team player who brought the team to the Super Bowl in so many occasions. The past 18 years were more than amazing, and Brady showed us all that he has a great relationship with his teammates. Here comes the charity part.

The Pats quarterback appeared at his best friend’s team event at Harvard Stadium in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He wore a navy blue T-shirt and black shorts. The charity was a nice way to show everybody that he cares about those in need. Brady was accompanied by his children.

His kids had the time of their life, and Vivian enjoyed running with the ball. Benjamin preferred the sit-ups. The kids hanged out with wide receiver Julian Edelman, James White, David Andrews and Ted Karras.

“It’s always good to be around him. He’s a great guy. He’s the reason for this game right here. He does a lot of great work, not just here, but all over the world. It’s pretty special how he’s such a great player and still gets involved in the community. It makes you try to get involved, too,” James White said of Brady.

Keep up the good job, man, the team needs you. If only every player was as nice as Brady. The world would’ve been a better place to live in, right? We’re happy for his success, and may God bless him and his cute little family.

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