Tom Brady Gives Update On His Mom’s Cancer Batttle

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been really supportive in his mother’s battle against cancer. Galynn turned 73 on July 45h, and she looks fine. Brady shared a heart-melting message for his mother’s birthday, wishing her all the best.

Brady and the entire Brady crew have been helping Galynn to fight against the deadly disease. Being diagnosed with cancer is devastating and sometimes cancer patients feel as if life slips down their hands.

“She’s doing really well. I think any family that has dealt with cancer realizes the challenge it is not only at that moment, but as it continues to be,” Brady said of his mother’s health.

Galynn was diagnosed in June 2016. This kept away from her son’s games, but she did manage to attend the Patriots’ grand Super Bowl event. This was an epic win, and Galynn has thrilled to watch the game.

Brady shares photos of his mother, showing his appreciation for her strength. “I think she’s got so much appreciation for the people who have supported her. She’s such a wonderful woman and she’s been so positive through it all and we’ve been so proud of her,” the Pats quarterback said.

He is well aware of the fact that Galynn has been through a lot. “Way harder than what I went through last night,” Brady said, referring to the defeat of the Falcons in the Super Bowl.

Galynn is also aware of her disease. “I remember sitting in the doctor’s office and them telling me, ‘You have breast cancer and it’s only stage two,’” she said during an interview.

“I think there’s a special bond between a mother and a son. I just wanted to be there for Tommy, and I wanted to be there with our family. Everybody was going to the Super Bowl and I didn’t want to miss that,” Galynn said.

What a gorgeous fighter! We wish her all the best, and may God keep her healthy and strong!

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