Tom Brady Surprises Bullied Kid And The Friend Who Defended Him

We all remember the story of the kids from Bridgewater, Mass., who defended their friend from bullies? Danny Keefe had a brain hemorrhage right after birth, leaving him with some speech issues. However, Keefe had an interesting sense of style, despite his speech problems. His condition turned him into a bullied kid.

The boy’s classmates were too young to understand him and his desire to wear a suit and tie when helping the fifth-grade football players. Keefe was the team’s water boy, and was also a bullied kid. So sad.

Things got tense when the football team he supports found out about the bullies who pick on Keefe. They decided to send a huge message, hoping it will be understood.

“We heard Danny that was getting picked on, so we thought we would all have a day to all dress up like Danny. To show Danny that we love him, that we love him very much,” said one of the fifth graders, Tommy, with tears in his eyes.

Danny and Tommy went on The Ellen Degeneres Show. Yes, their story became this big, and the country heard their word.

Tom Brady heard it, too. He decided to surprise the kids, giving them new fedoras and a powerful message. Oh, they got tickets, too!

“I heard about your story and I can’t imagine how proud your parents must be. Danny, people still tease me about what I wear, but I never listen to them so keep wearing what makes you feel best,” Tom Brady said.

“And Tommy, I love your leadership and how you stood up for Danny. And I applaud the entire Bridgewater team for participating. And I hear you’re both big Patriots fans so I’d love to give you tickets to our regular-season finale against Buffalo, and give you some field passes too. One more thing, Mr. Kraft, our owner, wanted me to give you tickets for your entire team to come to our Hall of Fame here at Patriot Place,” he added.


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