Tom Brady Has Brutal Response To ‘Dad Bod’ Comments

In today’s times of harsh criticism and narcism, nobody can escape the ‘all-seeing eye’ of judgement. Six pack vs the so-called ‘dad bod’ is the latest subject of debate, and this time, the victim was no other than Tom Brady. Recent paparazzi photos showing his laid-back look apparently caught Brady’s attention as well. Rumors are that he even used his TB12 center Twitter account to fire back at those who commented on his ‘dad bod’, and boy, he fired back hard.

“The TB12 Method is not about making you the MVP of the gym. It’s about living with vitality, being mentally strong, and enabling you to sustain your peak performance, so you can be MVP when it counts,” tweeted TB12 Center.

Check it out:

GQ’s nickname for Brady, “#TorsoGate”, surely wasn’t a nice thing to hear, but as long as he’s making results where it matters, the number of Super Bowl rings is definitely more important than the six pack.

But it’s not like he doesn’t care about his look. The truth is, he’s come a long way from the 2000 NFL combine:

Tom Brady at the 2000 NFL Combine.

Brady’s TB12 Method is more about making the body more flexible than weight training. It promotes what some see as an untraditional diet for an elite athlete.

There is enough time for the soon-to-be-41-year-old Patriots quarterback to get into football shape. He plans to be at training camp ahead of Wednesday’s veteran reporting date.


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