Tom Brady Has Given Up At Least $60 Million To Help The Patriots

We’ve heard so much about Tom Brady being called as sports villain just because we live in times when people use every occasion to insult everybody. The New England Patriots are targeted pretty much every day. But, no hater can ever pull out anything on Tom Brady.

The Patriots quarterback is amazing in so many levels. He’s a sports icon. Fans love him, and the media gives him the attention he needs. Brady has an unprecedented personal dedication to the Pats concept, and that’s what makes him an even bigger person.

Business Insider went through Brady’s deals in an effort to determine the amount of money Brady gave up on just to stick with the New England Patriots. He also helped them team bring in raw talent.

There were a few calculations of his career earnings without the team discounts, and the procedure started with Brady’s second contract extension in 2005. His rookie deal and the first 2002 extension were left intact. If you take into consideration the team’s two Super Bowl wins and two Super Bowl MVP’s, you’d definitely say that Brady was crazy to not demand a top contract.

But, hey, that’s Brady, and he just takes care of his team as if it was his family.

First, Brady would’ve definitely signed a new deal in 2005, 2009, 2013 and 2017. He would’ve become the highest-paid quarterback.

“If Brady consistently signed deals equal to those of the biggest quarterback contracts, we found he could have made $257.9 million to this date. That is about $60 million more than his actual earnings, and approximately $9 million more than Peyton Manning made in his career, the most in NFL history,” the report read.

$60 million? Yes, Brady is that dedicated to his team, and the Patriots are happy to have him.

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