Tom Brady Makes 6-Year-Old’s Biggest Wish Come True With Coolest Gift Ever

Kids are amazing and special, and there’s this particular kid who’s a true inspiration for us all, including the 38-year-old Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Gabriel Aljalian inspired the quarterback in the best way possible.

Aljalian has leukemia. He heard about his disease three years ago, and found the best way to turn his biggest fear into a moment of appreciation. The kid decided to make the day he was diagnosed into a charitable event known as “Gabriel’s Day of Kindness.” If only everyone was as kind as this poor kid.

So, Gabriel and his loved ones give back to their community each year. However, this year the script is slightly different.

Gabriel dreams of playing football with Tom Brady. Make A Wish is here to make everyone happy, and Gabriel’s dream came true.

“Gabriel also wanted to do something nice for Tom Brady for playing football with him, so he made him a thank you card and decided to give him $10 that someone had very kindly given him earlier in the week (the beauty/innocence of childhood). When we shared the cards with him, and told him that Gabriel wanted to give him his $10, the football great was so surprised, and visibly moved. His response was genuine and kind; he then smiled, leaned down and asked Gabriel to give him a hug.”

Fans wanted to know if Brady kept the $10, and here’s the answer to your question. He did. Maybe he will even frame it in the house. Gabriel’s foundation Facebook page wrote that the kid “would have been heartbroken otherwise.”

The football event turned out to be a huge thing. Pats owner Bob Kraft, the quarterback Tom Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski spend some quality time with the kids in the facility.

Keep up the good job, guys, you are amazing!


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