Tom Brady Shared The Awkward Story Behind His Unusually Tough Hatred For Strawberries

Athletes follow a special diet regimen, and the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is nothing short of that. His diet is rather unique, as confirmed in his boss self-help book The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance. No strawberries.

This books helped us understand that Brady loves avocados and drinks tons of water. According to Brady, water helps him prevent sunburns. Yes, Brady explains how he keeps himself fit and healthy in his forties. But, what happens to those strawberries?

During his appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Brady said that he hates strawberries. They don’t belong to the famous TB12 Method.

He appeared on NPR’s Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!, and the host wanted to know more about Brady’s appearance on the Late Show.

“When I – see, I grew up in California. And I had an aunt that lived in Central California. And when she’d drive to see us, she would stop at the fruit stands on the side of the road, and she’d get these big trays of strawberries. And she’d bring them up to our house, and she would put them into our refrigerator. And every time the refrigerator door was opened, the smell of strawberries would permeate the room. And I could not stand it. And since then, I’ve never eaten a strawberry. The thought of a strawberry is just – is … terrible for me. And the fact that I actually did it the other night – I couldn’t believe it, either, so that’s what made it most surprising for me,” Brady said.

The Pats quarterback told host Peter Sagal that he could taste the strawberry in his mouth for the next 30 minutes. “It was just sitting right there in my throat,” Brady said.

Well, I love strawberries, but I can really understand his hate for the fruit.

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