Tom Brady Shares an Amazing Video Of Him And His Son Working Out In The Backyard

Tom Brady knows how to “enjoy” summer, and so does his son. Brady is trying to put his son in a regular daily routine, and that’s fine if you’re into becoming a star. The Patriots quarterback scores higher every time he goes out in the field, and that’s what makes him great.

TB12 did a nice workout in the backyard, and his son was there to accompany him. This was sort of pre-training camp/post-vacation workout, and that’s probably the best way to start your week. His cute son was grasping at straws. Those juke moves were more than savage.

When we say ‘savage,’ we mean too professional for someone who plays against an elementary schooler.

Brady is a family guy, and we’ve seen him firing lasers at Galynn in dodgeball. He was also throwing tantrums in front of his loved ones, and the Montana golf course was full of joy and happiness.

It seems like Brady’s son is eager to take in all that competitiveness. Well, genes matter…

The New England Patriots will have an exciting September, and Brady better get ready for the big game. It’s not like he isn’t ready now. But, those opponents will sure hit him hard.

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