Patriots’ Bill Belichick Has Already Made Decision On Coaching Future

The New England Patriots have a 2-9 record at this point of the season and they have nothing to lose at this point. Player are frustrated and so are coaches. Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe had a chance to lead the ball, but they weren’t able to launch a touchdown pass and were picked three times. Head coach Bill Belichick is far from happy with the situation in the locker room and analysts are already questioning his future with the Patriots.

Belichick is the best head coach in league history and losing him to another team would be a big blow for the Patriots. Robert Kraft did the impossible to hire him two decades ago and he wouldn’t let him go that easily. We can’t even say that Belichick is responsible for the mess in New England. Belichick is also the de facto general manager for the Patriots. He has accomplished a lot in his career as a head coach. Why would Kraft fire him now?

Belichick has great plans for his coaching future

Former NFL executive Michael Lombardi discussed Belichick’s position in New England. He followed every move the Patriots made recently and also watched them lose one game after another. According to Lombardi, the Patriots head coach will continue coaching even if the Patriots decide to get rid of him.

“Bill Belichick still wants to coach & obviously the Patriots team isn’t playing well… If Robert Kraft feels like it’s time to make a change that’s fine… Bill Belichick still wants to prove that he’s a really good coach & he’ll go somewhere else,” Lombardi said on the Pat McAfee Show.

Belichick would easily grab a new job if the Patriots let him go. He is the best to ever do the job. It’s interesting to note that Belichick has already been linked to several teams, including the Las Vegas Raiders and Carolina Panthers. Josh McDaniels is no longer coaching the Raiders, remember? His boss may actually take his position if Kraft fires him.