Tom Brady Shares Cute Video Of Son Cheering On His Brother

Tom Brady is not just the best player in the National Football League. He’s also an awesome father who raised his kids well. This time he was a sports viewing dad attending John’s soccer game. Guess who was the loudest cheerer? It was Jack’s brother.

It’s funny to see the Patriots quarterback watching his son cheering on his brother. Benjamin stole the show, and we could see him cheering on Jack.

Brady posted the cute video on his Instagram. It’s a heartwarming video of Benjamin. He was literally screaming “Go Jack, Go Jack!” This happened in the middle of the game, and Brady was definitely proud of his both sons.

Benny – "Go Jack, Go Jack" #number1fan #brotherlylove ❤️

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The Pats quarterback is married with the Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen. They have two children, Benjamin and Vivian, and Brady has another son from his ex-girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan.

Moynahan broke the news of her pregnancy shortly after Brady officialized his relationship with Gisele. But, this didn’t stop him from being a gorgeous father. Gisele accepted the boy as if he was her own, and they are a cute little family. Jack lives with his mother in New York.

Maybe Brady’s boys will become great stars, just like their father. Genes matter, right?

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