Tom Brady Shares Minnesota Childhood Memory Of Tasting Tobacco

The New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has all eyes on him, and this time he got fans talking about his childhood. Brady has nice memories of Minnesota, and no, we’re not thinking of those associated with the awesome Super Bowl. Can you put Brady’s name in the same sentence with the words ‘tobacco’ and ‘Minnesota?’ Of course not.

“That was one thing as a kid you could do in Minnesota is catch a lot of fish. Those were always some of my greatest memories being out on the lake with my uncles, my grandpa, my parents, my sisters. So much fun,” Brady said.
Brady will always remember Browerville. It’s the place where he used to go as kid, and that’s what he talked about during the press conference. He didn’t think twice before sharing the life lesson he learned during one of his family trips to Minnesota.

Yes, it involves tobacco.

The Pats quarterback tried to chew tobacco as kid. He asked his uncles if he can have some of their chewing tobacco, and guess what happened next…

“They said, ‘Look if we give it to you then, you know, you can’t spit it out until you get home,'” Brady said.


Well, it was a 30-minute ride back to his grandparents’ farm, but Tom was ready for the challenge. “So, of course they give it to me and within five minutes, I’m outside the car throwing up all over the place. I don’t think I’ve had much chewing tobacco since then,” he said.

Brady hopes to leave Minnesota full of good memories. His team has great chances of winning the game, and we hold our thumbs up. Keep up the good job, Brady, and stay away from the chewing tobacco. He will do just fine without all of the shady stuff.

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