Tom Brady Shares Video Of His Accuracy Already In Playoff Form

Isn’t Tom Brady the ultimate quarterback in NFL history? The New England Patriots quarterback star is pretty good at doing what he’s most known for. This time we’ll focus more on his accuracy.

The New England Patriots training camp will open this week at Gillette Stadium. But, it seems like Tom Brady doesn’t need any of that, because he’s in a brilliant form. His accuracy says it all.

Brady may be 40, but he is in the best condition ever. Although many hoped to see him retire, Brady has got some super plans for his football career. No, this man ain’t going anywhere. Brady will stick around for quite a while, and he better be, because his power is one of the strongest pillars of the Pats’ game.

The Pats quarterback posted a video on his Instagram page. Yes, he’s quite active there. So, in this video Brady throws a deep pass to a person on the back of a moving golf cart. He’s that accurate. Does Brady need that training camp program? Of course not.

This ones for you @stephencurry30 It’s football season! #nicecatchwes

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The pass was more than perfect, and the Internet went on fire. Fans are amazed with his condition and skills. For most of them, Brady is the best player to rock the NFL scene.

“This one’s for you @stepencurry30 It’s football season! #nicecatchwes,” the caption read.

Brady and Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry are Under Armour athletes.

This video is the best proof for Brady’s skills. He three for more than 500 yards in February, and aging has nothing on him. Brady will always be the best player in town, and the Patriots are happy to have him around. We’re looking forward to his next game, and this season will be filled with surprises. Tom Brady will make sure we stay tuned during each game.

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