Tom Brady Told Bryan Stork To Put Bath Towel In His Pants To Dry The Footballs

Tom Brady likes his footballs dry. No, try not to go too far. The New England Patriots quarterback star likes to have his footballs in a certain way, and we’re focusing on real footballs here. Everything is different from day to day, from game to game, and atmospheres vary, too. Does this make enough sense for you?

Tom Brady has a real issue with wet footballs in 2014 and 2015. Former Patriots Rob Ninkovich and Sebastian Vollmer know everything about it. Wes Welker and Brian Scalabrine have more details on the “footballs.”

They went on Toucher & Rich on 98.5 The Sports Hub, and answered a bunch of questions, including the one about their most disgusting teammate

Ninkovich said it was former center Bryan Stork. Ninkovich and Vollmer know why.

“Probably … you know how sweaty Stork was? So, Stork is like furry and just hairy and like always has a huge dip in. And he would sit at his locker, I think I have a picture on my phone, and he’d have his feet up and he’d have just his pool shorts on, and he’d just look like he needed a good scrubbing. And Tom would make him stuff a towel in the back of his pants, because I guess he would sweat so much that it would get on Tom’s hands, and the ball would slip out of his hand,” Ninkovich said.

It’s not the little towel quarterbacks use.

“So he would have, his pants, our practice pants are like a light gray. His would look like a dark gray in warmups, because he’d be so sweaty. And Tom would get so mad if the ball would slip out of his hand that he stuffed a fat — and I’m talking like a bath towel — down his pants, so he could wipe his hands and soak up all his sweat. It was really gross,” Ninkovich added.

There you go? What’s your opinion on this one?.


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