NFL World Reacts To Big Mac Jones News

The New England Patriots suffered a terrible loss to the Baltimore Ravens. There’s more. Quarterback Mac Jones sustained terrible ankle injury and everyone was waiting for news about his condition. Head coach Bill Belichick didn’t reveal much, saying that it’s a day-by-day decision. NFL analysts already flirted with the idea of seeing Brian Hoyer as a replacement for Jones. Hoyer is fine with this. I mean, he has been playing the game for 14 years.

Here’s the catch. Hoyer may not even get a chance to start games. No, Bailey Zappe won’t replace Jones. Wonder why? Jones may start the game against the Green Bay Packers.

This was the most shocking report of the week. Many thought that Jones would miss at least a few games. Reports suggested that his injury was severe, but the team didn’t make any official statement. They didn’t rule him either. Believe it or not, Jones may take his starting position on Sunday.

Mac Jones news shock Patriots fans

Mike Giardi from NFL Network confirmed that Jones arrived at the Patriots facility this Thursday. Moreover, he took part of the planning for the upcoming game. We don’t really know if Belichick plans to push Jones into the fire, but initial reports were more than shocking.

Fans were shocked to hear that Jones may play after all. His injury was severe and now they say he may be playing on Sunday.

Jones didn’t say much about his role on Sunday, but he did say it was day by day.

“I’m just going to take it day by day, get my treatment and do what I do. Just see how I feel,” Jones said. “If you have any more of those type questions, talk to Coach [Bill] Belichick. I think he likes those questions.”

If Jones doesn’t feel ready to play, Belichick will have to use Hoyer. The veteran will accept the challenge and do the job. He hasn’t started a game since October, 2020, but he is ready to perform whenever the team needs him on the field.