Tom Brady’s Brother-In-Law Releases Bombshell Statement About QB’s Upcoming Season

Kevin Youkilis wasn’t part of the hoopla surrounding Tom Brady’s absence from the New England Patriots voluntary OTAs. The brother-in-law was honored at a gala in Boston, but Brady missed the event.

Well, he had a good reason to do so, and his brother-in-law understands that.

“Tom’s not going to be here tonight. He has an engagement where he can’t make it. But he’s super excited and proud and he’s just, you know, we’re all one big family and all root for each other. And he couldn’t be more proud,” Youkilis said.

There was a tiny bit of sarcasm. Of course.

“I don’t even know, like honestly, I have no idea what’s going on. Like to be honest. I’ve been so bogged down with the brewery [I own in California] that I haven’t even watched football yet. It’s too early, right? To worry about football? I guess here in New England it’s always a topic of conversation. Everything will work out. I think Tom knows what he’s doing and he’s going to get out there and who knows, he might lead you to another Super Bowl. I mean, that might be an odd thing to say, right, this early?” the brother-in-law added.

Youkilis didn’t think twice before making comments on Brady’s passion for the football game. “Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Tom is a competitor and he’s going to go out there and play as hard as he can every single time he gets out there. He’s going to be the most prepared guy out there on the field, I can tell you that much,” he said.

We’d agree on this one, that’s a sure bet. Tom Brady will give his best, and the team has great chances of gaining success while he’s still around. We’re proud of you, Tom Brady!

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