Tom Brady’s Secret To Being Healthy Is Undoubtedly Preventing Injuries With His Mind

Tom Brady may be 40, but he’s looking better than ever. Brady sure deserves to be called “a star,” because he brought the Patriots’ game to another level. So, what makes Brady this powerful and strong? It’s definitely his great physical condition and health. Wonder what keeps Brady healthy?

It’s his mind. It seems like the Pats quarterback will play forever. Remember what did the Patriots do? They traded Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers. Yes, he’s that great. And healthy.

Brady’s risk of injuries is higher than you can imagine. But, the Patriots trust him, and Brady knows how to justify their trust.

Speaking of greatness, you should know that Brady can actually prevent injuries using his mind. That’s how magic works.

In his interview with ESPN The Magazine, Brady revealed his future plans regarding the big game.

“The moment another player’s helmet makes contact with my body, my muscles are pliable enough to absorb what’s happening instantly,” he writes. “My brain is thinking only lengthen and soften and disperse before my body absorbs and disperses the impact evenly and I hit the ground. I know my focus on pliability has helped me avoid so many injuries and bounce back so quickly from hits,” Brady said.

His wife Gisele talked about his concussions, and she did that only once. It turns out that she took the wrong turn, as Brady says ‘no’ to any of the questions on the matter. Well, he doesn’t even deny that either. So, what’s really happening in his head? We’ll wait for him to answer that question.

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