Unexpected Team Looking Forward To Meet LeBron

Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan and Paul George rushed into making their big decision. King James, on the other hand, had a nice idea for the next season’s scenario.

LeBron didn’t want to go all in, and waited patiently before throwing the ball. He was more interested in waiting for the chips to fall before he says his final word.

A great number of teams are trying to land James. The Houston Rockets and the Oklahoma City Thunder are out of the run, but this doesn’t apply to the rest of the teams who may be throwing hats into the ring for LeBron.

The Nuggets know it’s a long shot, but Denver’s ultra aggressive front office wants a shot at selling James on a Jokic/Murray/Barton teammate trio–even if it’s just for one year,” Chris Mannix tweeted.

The Denver Nuggets were pretty busy in the offseason. Nikola Jokic has a five-year deal with the Nuggets, and this could actually be a selling point. The team will try to attract James’ attention. Will he like the idea of teaming up with Jamal Murray and Will Barton?

The team will cut out bits of their roster, because their cap space doesn’t really match James’ volume.
“Ownership in Denver has stepped up to the plate with the Nikola Jokic and Will Barton contract. The Nuggets now project to have $146M in salary, $23M over the tax line. The Nuggets do have $33M in expiring contracts of Kenneth Faried, Wilson Chandler and Darrell Arthur,” Bobby Marks noted.

There’s a huge possibility that James accepts a one-year rental. He’s more into titles and long-term deals.


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