Watch: Cleveland Sportscaster Goes Crazy After Fan Suggests Getting LeBron Back

LeBron James left Cleveland for the second time in his career, and fans were cheering to his next move. Yes, it was super thrilling to see him join the Lakers family. This was a major loss for the Cleveland Cavaliers, but the team will have to find a way to move forward.

It seemed like Cavaliers weren’t mad at James LeBron at the beginning, because he gave them a title. Team owner Dan Gilbert is grateful for everything he did to spice up the game. now is the season of crazy ideas to get James LeBron back to Cleveland. But, this local sportcaster isn’t buying any of it.

Bruce Drennan didn’t commit a mortal sin, but it sure looks like he was moments away of doing it.


This fan called in to the show to propose the idea of get Dan Gilbert out in order to bring King James back to the team. The fan also noted that LeBron’s son LeBron James Jr. should come, too.

It’s time for Cavs fans to understand that LeBron is gone, and will be gone for four years. He will become a free agent again at the age of 37. No miracle will help LeBron to take Cleveland straight to the NBA finals.

Sources reveal that the LeBron banner in downtown Cleveland will be removed now that King James decided to join the Lakers.

Are there any chances for LeBron to come back to Cleveland? Absolutely not.

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