Watch: LeBron James Jr. Throws Down Insane First-Ever Slam Dunk

Aside from his name, LeBron James’ son, the 5-foot-10 AAU star known as Bronny, has inherited a lot of other things from his father, including his physical gifts, basketball savvy and defensive skills. LeBron James Jr. is pretty much the smaller and younger version of his superstar dad.

He’s got some deep range, as well as the playmaking skills of his dad. There was only one thing missing – his dunks.

But no longer.

Bronny just threw his first of many, many more dunks in his uprising career.

Considering the fact that ​Bronny is only 13 years old and 5-foot-10, his dunking skills are amazing. Klay Thompson is 6-foot-7 and has nowhere near the same hops.

And Bronny made it look incredibly easy and smooth for his first one. It was a simple one-handed self-oop, but he added some flair to it like his dad does with one-handed tomahawks.

This isn’t the only highlight of the year for the young James, though. His team, the Blue Chips, have had a busy schedule and their games even attracted same A-listers who came out to watch them play.

Yes, LeBron James Jr. isn’t even in hight school yet, and he’s already getting a lot of attention. But seeing his skills, it looks like he’s soon make a name for himself and will no longer be known just for being LeBron’s son.

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