Watch: Lonzo Ball Passed LeBron James’ First Test For Him Months Ago

Everybody is buzzing around LeBron James and Lonzo Ball. It seems like the two stars will have a lot of “fun’ on the basketball court. But, King James won’t test Ball for the first time during the Lakers training camp. He actually did this months ago.

The King met with Ball during the match between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers. The Cavs won with 121-112, and the star put his jersey over the mouth and released a secret decree. LeBron James knows how to roll.

What did the king say during at the meeting point? Although both James and Lonzo tried to keep the whole thing secret, sources reveal that James gave Lonzo an advice.

“Find your zone and just stay f—–g locked in. The media is going to ask you what I told you right now. Tell them nothing. Just be aggressive every single day. It’s white noise to you. That’s all it is. All right? Let’s go,” James told Lonzo.

Josh Hart heard nothing about James’ advice for Lonzo, but he actually remembers the greatness of this particular moment. “I remember it blew up and that was this big thing the whole night and the next day. It was crazy,” Hart said.

Well, the advice leaked, and we didn’t really needed it to come to a conclusion. LeBron was testing Lonzo, and told him a secret. Publicly. He just wanted to know if his potential future teammate can keep private info private. Smart.

Bianca Cobb, an internationally recognized body language expert didn’t need the audio to make a conclusion. “Both men have their bodies angled towards each other, which suggests camaraderie. You turn towards people that you like,” Cobb explained. Yes, Lonzo did the same jersey thing as King James. He said absolutely nothing, and didn’t need to cover his mouth.

There you go.

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