Kanye West Throws Shade At LeBron, Bronny James

Kanye West is celebrating the release of his latest album Donda, but LeBron James and Bronny aren’t too happy about it. Drake released his Certified Lover Boy and that’s not the only scandalous thing he did in the past few days. The rapper leaked one of Kanye’s sons and probably didn’t notice that the latter is dissing LeBron and his oldest son. It’s an unreleased track and it’s already making headlines.

Life of the Party is the most popular song at the moment. Kanye didn’t add it to his final track list, but the world heard it. The result? The internet went on fire.

Kanye West has a thing with LeBron

Drake played it on the Sound 42 guest mix. It didn’t take long for fans to get the point. The main story goes way beyond the headline. Why did Drake take a shot at the Lakers superstar? There’s no beef between them.

“Where my mother*****n’ red hat?
Security and the nannies be forever handling
I can’t stand it when there’s talks about putting the kids back in Sierra Canyon when daddy got his own school”

NBA fans flooded the internet with reactions. Kanye mentioned LeBron’s I Promise School. Enter LeBron’s kids. Kanye mentioned the fact that LeBron’s kids don’t even go to his school. They attend private schools. Bronny goes to Sierra Canyon.

Kanye has no business with the James family. This may be the start of another beef in the NBA.

I guess rappers really like mentioning LeBron in their tracks. It must be Kanye’s favorite topic. In 2016, Kanye dissed Nike. Of course, Kanye said this was in no way related to LeBron. But it was definitely a shot at Nike.

“Nike, Nike treat employees just like slaves // Gave LeBron a billi’ not to run away.”

LeBron has yet to respond to this. We heard him dropping bars during his vacation in Italy. He is a fan of Drake’s new album and he will probably ignore West’s jab. Keeping it classy! He is the king of the game after all.