WATCH: Pacmac Jones Fist Fites Attacker at Airport

Seeing a football player involved in fist fight is not uncommon, and we’ve already seen some of the best guys in action. Well, it’s more like a thing of nature, and some people can’t stay away from trouble. Adam Pacman Jones threw another fist, and it was the incident that filled headlines across the country.

Pacman Jones has been involved in so many altercations lately, and the last one was in a much different capacity than the ones that have surfaced in his NFL career. Let’s get it clear – it was in self-defense capacity.

The Cincinnati Bengals defensive back walked through Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, and one of the employees began shouting at him. Frank Ragin took the shouting to another level, and the whole thing turned into a fist fight. The employee was too aggressive and violent towards the player.

As you can notice, Jones tries to ignore the threats and insults, but he couldn’t handle it when Ragin became physical. He defended himself, and put the employee flat on the back. One has to protect himself, right?

Reports confirm that officers arrived at the spot, and took the employee into custody. He was declared to be an obvious instigator.

Jones doesn’t face any charges, and officers felt he acted within his rights.

What’s wrong with this world? People think they can do or say whatever comes their mind. It’s not fair how someone feels to be more privileged in comparison to others.

Jones has had a sting with the Cowboys before joining the Bengals in 2010. He was involved in so much trouble, but this time he was right. He tried to avoid the physical confrontation, and this employee has to bear the consequences of his actions. No, things like this shouldn’t be allowed. Take this man to prison!

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