Watch: Tom Brady Shares Video Of His Golf Game During Family Outing

Tom Brady is the ultimate quarterback in the NFL history, and he owns the field. Brady knows how to lead the game, but he may not be able to hit a drive. Yes, it’s golf.

The New England Patriots QB went pretty excited with the golf round with his father. But, the excitement was brought to an end, as Brady had no success. His mother, Galynn, was there, too, and so was Maya, the niece.

Although it was a friendly round, Brady couldn’t make a move forward. His Instagram story says it all. The 40-year-old Tom threw a mini temper tantrum as he shanked two drives in a row. So bad!


Golf may not be the easiest game, and Brady seems to have trouble playing it. Well, you can’t be good at everything, Brady. The third shot was better than the previous two.

The Pats’ quarterback is an excellent husband, father, and football player.

Brady felt a little better for his hit, and he even posed for a picture. His family enjoyed the day, and so did Brady. This is a nice lesson for other players. Everyone should spend enough time with their family.

John Spieth and Rickie Fowler have had the chance to play golf with Brady, and they do believe that he’s a decent golfer.

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