Watch: Tom Brady Throws Missiles In Kids’ Dodgeball Game

The New England Patriots quarterback is an absolute winner in every field. He does magic on Sundays at the Gillette Stadium, and he does the same thing during the rounds of golf with his family. Have you seen him taking part in a beer-chugging contest? Check this dodgeball game.

Tom Brady participated in a friendly game of dodgeball, and there were tons of kids and adults. The Super Bowl champion zipped throws as if there was a receiver across the middle.

The moments were caught on cameras, and there were some nice pictures, too. Did you expect anything less from the absolute winner? Neither did we.

Brady is the sweetheart of the nation, and people praised his great skills and talent. He was ranked first on the NFL’s Top 100 list, and that’s the biggest honor of them all. Brady put the New England Patriots into a winning game, and the team moved forward with the speed of light.

Who wouldn’t want to have such player in the team?

Tom Brady is a lovely husband and father. His family is happy to have him around, and Brady uses every opportunity to spend time with them. His mother, Galynn, was diagnosed in cancer before the big Super Bowl, and couldn’t attend her son’s games. But, she did attend the Super Bowl, and watched her son defeating other teams.

Some may not recognize it, but Brady deserves the title he enjoys. Team owners and fellows support every move he makes, cheering to his great success. Brady knows how to bring the game to a higher level, and that’s how Patriots got this far. What will happen next? How far will Brady take the Patriots’ game? We’ll just relax and see him do magic. That’s his best virtue. Keep up the good job, Brady!

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