You Will Get Knocked Down by This Amazing Teen-Age LeBron Interview

LeBron James is one of the greatest basketball players in the whole wide world, and no hater is ever going to beat this fact. The great NBA star is at the very best spot in his career, and we’re looking forward to even greater success. But, guess what… LeBron was ‘designed’ to be a star. You could see this in his teen-age interview.

Haters are trying to deny the fact that Lebron made a smart move by joining the Lakers. However, experts would agree that this was the ultimate deal in his career. LeBron sealed the deal with immense pleasure, and fans support his move.

It was more than clear that LeBron James would become a top name in the world of basketball. I mean, just look at this guy and his skills. He was sent by God to teach others how to play.

The ambitious basketball player kept getting better over the years, and here we are today… He’s a superstar in the NBA.

Many years ago, LeBron was just a high school student. He was noticed for his insane skills, and yes, he owned the basketball court. The 16-year old boy was student at St. Vincent-St Mary High School. He had his first interview at that particular age.

It seems like reporters wanted to know more about his long-term goals.

What did LeBron say? “To get to the NBA.” And he actually did. Good job.

“Every day you’ve got to go out there and work because there’s someone out there working too — and if you stop, I think they can pass you up. So every day my coaches push me, I push myself and my teammates push me. My mother brought me up real good and it’s pretty easy because of the way I was brought up and she taught me so much things besides basketball and I just hope that helps me be level-headed,” the 16-year-old LeBron said.

See? He was already a star.

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