Zlatan Ibrahimovic Offers To Help LeBron – ‘I Could Play With LeBron Without a Problem’

If LeBron James gets stucked in the middle of this season, he better call Zlatan Ibrahimovic for help.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored 12 goals in 15 games since coming to MLS this year. Although he belongs to a completely different family, Ibrahimovic likes to talk about his skills in other sports pretty often. He went on ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption,” and that’s the conversation you don’t want to miss.

The Los Angeles Lakers are working pretty hard on filling out their roster. The landing of James LeBron was a big deal for the team. Ibrahimovic made a bold offer, suggesting that the Lakes could use his help. Oh, and we love his word for the sport – ‘basket.’ Some are still talking about his French pronunciation of “Lee-Bron.”

“I did a lot of sport. Everything with ball, I’m phenomenal. So if I played basket, I could play with LeBron, without a problem. And if they need help, I’ll help them,” Ibrahimovic said.

We remember his LeBron tweet. He welcomed King James to Los Angeles, saying that, “Now LA has a God and a King!”

The 6-foot-5 striker thinks he shares the same qualities as the 6-foot-8 NBA star. “I think him, as an athlete, he’s amazing, what’s he doing, the way he’s doing it. Because I see myself also being so big and move like a small ninja — what he does also,” Ibrahimovic said.
The Los Angeles Lakers are the hottest topic in Los Angeles these days, and sure are the most popular team in town. However, Ibrahimovic says “basket” has nothing on his league. “I think of course I will see him play basket. I don’t know if he’s interested in soccer, even though soccer is bigger than basket — with all due respect for basket,” he said.

When asked if he knows that LeBron has an ownership stake in Liverpool, Ibrahimovic responded that he has joined the wrong team.

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