Belichick Grabs Everyone’s Attention While Attending At Red Sox-Yankees Game (Photos)

Bill Belichick is still in the center of all events, and everyone is still talking about his fashion choices.

The New England Patriots head coach is all about football and scores, and it seems like he doesn’t really pay any attention to the clothes he’s wearing. Does Bill Belichick need a stylist?
I guess so.

First, there were the flip flops he wore at the 2018 Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Yes, he did wore a shirt and casual pants, but he couldn’t give up on his flip flops. And now he decided to wear a Sox hat. It wouldn’t be this hilarious if it wasn’t for the way he wore it.

Bill Belichick was spotted at Fenway Park at the Boston Red Sox’s series finale against the New York Yankees. His Sox hat was precariously perched, and this was enough for Twitter to explode. Again. Oh, yes, Belichick was even smiling. Can you believe that?

The Patriots head coach was accompanied by his girlfriend Linda Holliday. He took the game alongside Red Sox president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski and Sox special assistant Tony La Russa.

The game was fun to watch, and Belichick had great time. However, fans had enough time to spot his headwear, and the couldn’t hold the urge to joke on Twitter.

“Belichick not knowing how to wear a baseball hat is the least surprising thing ever,” one of the Twitter users wrote.

Other users compared him to Fred McGriff.

“Belichick wears that hat like your grandfather wears a gift, when you’re around he throws it on to make sure you see him wearing it but you can tell it’s never been worn before,” Tim Tully tweeted. Is he right?

Let’s be honest, Bill has more experience wearing visors, and people should stop joking at this very moment. He’s a football guy, remember that!

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