Big Problems For Patriots As Frustrated Tom Brady Punts The Ball Into The Stands

New England Patriots quarterback isn’t really keen on playing on wet fields, and the fog seems to be ‘killing’ his mood. This is the Monday’s scenario, and Tom Brady was more than frustrated.

That’s what he looked like. The quarterback asked for the football back after the Pats offense had a failing red zone drill. Tom Brady punted the football into the stands, and that was just him expressing that deep frustration during the sloppy practice.

Monday is not the best of all days, and people usually hate the first day of the week. Brady may not hate Monday, but he sure hates ‘wet’ practices.

The Patriots had multiple drops during the practice, and this happened to almost everyone. Yes, we’d add the most sure-handed pass catchers, too. Rob Gronkowski, James White, Eric Decker and Will Tye had drops. Brady has many misfires to Decker. Rookie cornerback J.C. Jackson intercepted the quarterback on a deep pass for Dorsett, but he struggled to contest Jackson’s interception. That was quite a struggle.

This isn’t the only turnover by a Pats quarterback. Riley McCarron run an incorrect route, and Stephon Gilmore intercepted Brian Hoyer.

Brady’s frustration grew with every minute that went by. He didn’t even speak to the media after the practice.

“You’ve gotta get yourself going. These are the type of days where you really have to dig deep and grind through it, and really focus on whatever your job is for that day. Try to string together good days of practice, whether you’re tired or it’s wet or slippery outside. That doesn’t really matter, you just have to do your job. This is not something you can dwell on – one drop or a mistake. This is a fast-paced game, and you can’t dwell on one play. … Do your job and try to make a play when it comes to you next,” said Chris Hogan.

Better luck next time, Pats.

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