Bill Belichick Trolls Reporter With Ridiculous Responds To Silly ‘Watermelon Rolls’ Question

The New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick had another press conference, and this time he focused his attention on one of the reporters.

The Pats head coach answered questions during the conference before the last preseason game against the New York Giants. When a reporter asked about the final roster cuts and whether the Pats are looking for possible players, Belichick gave the most hilarious answer ever.

“Absolutely. We look at all 31 teams. Yeah, what do you think we’re doing? We’re in camp. We’re not having watermelon rolls and badminton contests and all that. Yeah, we’re working on football. We look at our team. We look at the 31 teams. Yeah,” Belichick said.

The had coach didn’t stop here, and went on quoting President Dwight Eisenhower when asked about the making on-the-fly decisions on the field.

“Preparation is a lot of that, but then once the game starts, then that trumps the preparation. So, that’s what [President Dwight D.] Eisenhower said, right? Before the battle, everything is about preparation. Once the battle starts, preparation doesn’t mean anything. You’ve got to adjust to what the battle is. So, I think there’s a lot of truth to that,” the head coach added.

Belichick also spoke about the “trimmings.”

“You’d have to look at the historical numbers. Probably around 30 to 35, but it changes from year to year, and obviously it’s specific to certain players and certain teams. So, I think we can look at a lot of rosters – our roster and other rosters that we’ve studied – and see if this player makes the roster and this other player is released to the league, there’s going to be a lot of action on that player. So, I think we can identify a number of those players. But, specific to those players, there’s a lot of other players that I think you put in the other category that are going to be available and there probably won’t be a lot of activity on those players – maybe at the practice squad level but on the roster level, not as many,” Belichick said.

That was a good response, Mr. Belichick.

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