Chad Johnson Says That Tom Brady Is Black, And He’s Serious (VIDEO)

Tom Brady is the brightest star in New England, and Chad Johnson made the most hilarious comment ever.

Chad Johnson had the chance to play with the quarterback in 2011, and this was enough for him to say that Tom Brady isn’t actually… a white male? This was one of the strangest comments we came up to in the last few years, and let’s just say that Johnson knows how to surprise us.

He’s black. Period,” Johnson said. Really? Where did this comment come from? Johnson sure has a few good reasons to make his Brady comments, but we never saw this coming.

“You gotta meet Tommy. You wouldn’t understand it with me just saying it but, you know, he’s Robin Thicke. You get where I’m going with this s**t?” Johnson explained his point of view.

As if this wasn’t enough, he add a little bit of his explanation. “You can’t teach that type of, just, aura. That persona. You can’t teach that,” Johnson added.

Does this mean that the New England Patriots quarterback is not a white guy anymore? Is this official?

It would be nice to hear Tom Brady’s response to these comments. It’s hilarious, strange and even funny. What on Earth was Johnson thinking when he made these comments?

Tom Brady is getting ready for the new season. He is in an excellent shape despite his back injury. Head coach Bill Belichick lessened his workload, and Brady even got a day off. But, Belichick sure saves the best for the important games. Why exhausting Brady in the opener?

The quarterback won’t retire in near future. he’s ready for the season, and the games that follow. You can’t just shut down a power of this kind. Let’s sit back and wait for the season to start. It will be exciting.

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