Colin Cowherd Gives Special Reason Why Tom Brady Is The GOAT

Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all times. We all know that he isn’t paid as much as other quarterbacks. But, even if he was, that would never change his real value and skills. Colin Cowherd talked about this when asked about the GOAT.

Brady helps his teammates to build a strong game, and that’s what makes him amazing. Colin Cowherd believes that Brady’s deal is absurd when compared to the contracts of other quarterbacks. The Patriots quarterback is the 20th among NFL quarterbacks in terms of salary. Can you believe this?

The GOAT will make just $15 million this season.

Cowherd went on Fox Sports 1’s The Herd, and talked about Brady’s contract.

“He’s making basically the same amount of money as Sam Bradford and Tyrod Taylor. I understand Tom not wanting to be the highest-paid player, but I think he’s taking a greater sacrifice than people expect. If my wife was rich maybe I wouldn’t have to be the highest-paid sportscaster, but I’d want to be making significantly more than the overnight guy on ESPN Radio. Put this in another context, let’s compare him to the NBA. Tom Brady in the NBA would rank behind Demarre Carroll and Timoffey Mozgov, and Brady’s salary would be tied for the 76th-highest in the NBA,” Cowherd said.

Some of the salaries this season are inflated due to cap purposes. Jimmy Garoppolo will get $42 million, and the 49ers front-loaded his contract ahead of time. This will limit his earnings down the line once the cap space gets tighter.

Brady is happy with just being the GOAT. The team can fit any guard, center, running back, inside linebacker, cornerback or safety into the slot. They pay Brady and can have Le’Veon Bell and Luke Kuechly for less than Matt Ryan gets from the Falcons. Get the idea?

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