Eric Decker in Danger of Being Cut From The Roster

The New England Patriots have been part of almost every rumor these days. Eric Decker is in the center of all attention now.

The Patriots are getting ready for the regular season. The first thing they will have to shrink the roster, and stick to 53 players. In other words, someone will have to go out. Is Eric Decker one of them?

Mike Gillislee and Jeremy Hill are battling for the running back spot. Decker is also in danger. The Patriots signed him a few weeks ago after the release of Jordan Matthews. The team gave Decker a chance to present himself, but he didn’t use the opportunity.

Decker struggled a lot in training camp. He couldn’t pick up the Patriots offense, and didn’t even onto the field with the starters. Isn’t this what you call a ‘red flag’ in the world of football? Decker didn’t even come close to the field until quarterback Tom Brady was removed from the matchup.

Decker receiver five targets from Brian Hoyer, but didn’t look too confident out there. Decker caught only two of the five targets.

The Patriots team website already noted that Decker is far from a lock to make the team’s roster. NESN’s Zack Cox is pretty sure that Decker won’t be part of the 53-man roster.

Other players are taking great advantage of the preseason. Cordarrelle Patterson and Riley McCarron saw the field with the first team offense against the Patriots offense. Chris Hogan, Julian Edelman and Phillip Dorsett ran ahead of Eric Decker, too.

Decker is sixth on the wide receiver chart. Julian Edelman will sit out the first four games of the regular season, but Decker can’t even take advantage of this.

Is it time to say goodbye? It seems like a miracle could save Eric Decker at this point.

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