Patriots Reportedly Trading Jarrett Stidham To Raiders After Selecting QB

The New England Patriots didn’t make too many changes early in the offseason. Head coach Bill Belichick was saving the best for last. Sort of. The Patriots made some interesting moves in the 2022 NFL Draft. Getting an offensive lineman with the first overall was super awkward and fans couldn’t really understand why Belichick selected a quarterback in the fourth round. According to latest reports, the Patriots are trading Jarrett Stidham to the Las Vegas Raiders. Does this make sense?

Stidham, 25, joined New England as a fourth-rounder out of Auburn in 2019. He showed great potential and NFL analysts thought he’d be the right replacement for Tm Brady. It didn’t happen. Stidham was a backup for Brady and Cam Newton. The Patriots had an interesting quarterback situation last offseason. There was a huge mystery surrounding the starting quarterback. The selection of Mac Jones made everything even more interesting. He beat Newton in the quarterback competition and got the starting job. Stidham’s role didn’t change. He was a backup, just like Brian Hoyer.

Patriots are trading Jarrett Stidham after quiet season

The young quarterback didn’t see much action last season. He spent most of the time on the physically unable to perform list due to an injury. Stidham returned to the field as an option behind Jones and Hoyer. Yes, everything pointed to the fact that he will probably go somewhere else.

This trade is interesting for so many reasons. Stidham will reunite with former Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. The latter joined the Raiders as their next head coach. Getting a familiar name is a big deal. McDaniels knows Stidham really well and now they have a chance to do something great together. Again.

When it comes to the Patriots, Belichick has Jones at center. Hoyer and Bailey Zappe will step in as backups. The Patriots saw many changes in the last couple of seasons. It all started with Tom Brady and his departure in free agency. Belichick trusted his instinct and got a quarterback from Alabama. Will this work? Absolutely. Jones is an incredible player and has established excellent relationship with his teammates.