Former Patriots FB Breaks Silence About Sexual Harassment Allegations

Things didn’t work pretty well for former Patriots fullback Heath Evans after he faces sexual harassment allegations.

The sexual harassment lawsuit put an end to his career in the Patriots organization. Evans and few others at the network were accused of workplace misconduct. The fullback denied each accusation, and posted a statement on Twitter.

According to the fullback, the allegations against him are not true, adding that he can prove it.

Evans was first aware of the allegations last October. The whole thing became public in December, and the rest is history.

“My silence is over! Attached to these next few tweets is my first public statement since being falsely accused of sexual harassment 8 months ago. PLEASE READ,” Evans wrote on Twitter.

The former fullback also posted an addendum after retweeting the Pro Football Talk article focused on his case.

“@nflnetwork your 180 degree change in position now that you settled the lawsuit is astonishing,” it read.

“FACT: The NFL Network kept me on air for a month and a half (46 days) after you knew about the picture exchange.
FACT: The NFL Network only suspended me (with pay) after the false allegations were made public.”

Evans played with four NFL teams, and joined the New England Patriots in 2005. He remained in the team for three years. He’s one of the several former players-turned NFL Network analysts added in the lawsuit filed by Jami Cantor. Jami is a former wardrobe stylist at the network. The suit also has the names of former executive producer Eric Weinberger, and former players Evans, Marshall Faulk, Ike Taylor and Warren Sapp.

Evans hopes that people will get to hear his word, adding that his side of the story was never heard. He claims to be saying the truth, and let’s just see how will things develop for him.

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