James Harrison Makes Impressive Statement About Tom Brady’s Value

The New England Patriots can brag about their quarterback, as Tom Brady was named the NFL MVP last year. If you think better, this means that no other player is more valuable than Brady. What does Jams Harrison think about this?

Aaron Rodgers had a broke collarbone, and was limited to seven games. Maybe the Green Bay Packers Quarterback will secure the title this season. We’ve been reading a lot about the Brady vs. Rodgers debate, and things got a bit messy when Rodgers signed his contract extension. It was sure a record-breaking deal. Rodgers will earn up to $180 million, and yes, that’s huge. Former NFL linebacker James Harrison retired this offseason, and New England was his final stop.

Harrison went on FS1’s “Undisputed,” and said that Brady was more valuable than Rodgers. Brady won five Super Bowls with his team, and Rodgers has just one.

“You’re going to say Rodgers has the stronger arm, he can throw it from anywhere in the pocket, but when it comes down to it, Brady can make those same throws. … Tom Brady has 5 SBs; he’s got 8 SB appearances. Who’s the most valuable period? I’m going with Tom,” Harrison said.

Well, Brady is 40+, and Rodgers will turn 35 in December. Rodgers has much more time, if you like to see things from that angle. However, if we’re picking the most valuable player at the time, you’d all agree with James Harrison.

Nothing could beat the fact that Tom Brady is the ultimate football player. He’s got skills and experience. Oh, yes, and five Super Bowl wins. That says pretty much everything about his value. The GOAT is rocking every ranking list in the NFL, and fans know that he’s still in an excellent shape. That’s exactly what the Patriots need at the moment.

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