Jon Bon Jovi Surprises Patriots Arriving At Practice With Style

The New England Patriots had an awesome practice on Tuesday, and Jon Bon Jovi was the cherry on top.

The team worked on its tactics, and did one amazing thing. The Patriots hosted Jon Bon Jovi at their practice field at Gillette Stadium. It was a brilliant sight, and everyone enjoyed the practice.

Bon Jovi arrived by helicopter on Tuesday, and walked all the way to the field with the New England team owner Robert Kraft. This is not the first time we see Bon Jovi attending a practice or make a public appearance.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is a huge fan and a great friend of Bon Jovi. He sure appreciates the gesture. It’s nice to get this type of support, and host one of the greatest music legends ever.

“Jon’s a great guy. I love Jon. We go back to the Giant days. That was a great time for music in New Jersey with Bruce (Springsteen) and Jon and so Jon was a big Giants fan. I had a friendship with him for several decades, followed his music career, football career. He owned the (Arena Football League’s Philadelphia) Soul, he’s been involved in that aspect of it as well. He’s been a great supporter of mine, I have a lot of fun with him. Look, I like his music, he likes football, so that’s a good thing,” Belichick said in January 2015.

We agree on this one. The Patriots need all the support they can get ahead of the new season. The Super Bowl is a big thing, and the team sure hopes to win it. Quarterback Tom Brady and the rest of the guys will give their best to win, and we’re looking forward to the new season. What about you? Will the Pats win the Super Bowl?

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