Kenny Britt Opens Up Emotionally About Nagging Hamstring Injury

Kenny Britt had different ideas for his first summer in the New England Patriots team. But, his hamstring had something else to say.

“I expected to be out there. But my hamstring told me something different,” Kenny Britt said.

The Patriots signed Britt in 2017. He’s still recovering from the hamstring injury he suffered in a minicamp practice. Britt was healthy enough to take part in some portions of practice, but will have to leave the field once the 11-on-11 drills begin.

“Coming into spring, (I was) focused, ready to go out there and prove myself mentally and physically. But that was in the spring. I can’t hold onto that. It is what it is. Right now, I’m just focused on trying to get back out there,” Britt said during his first interview after the injury.

Britt is well aware of the fact that his limitations will cost him practice reps and opportunities to play with quarterback Tom Brady. The quarterback skipped the team’s voluntary spring sessions.

“I definitely feel like I’m behind, because I’m not out there with the guys, getting the chemistry that I need with the quarterbacks and just with everybody on the same page with what we do,” Britt said.

When asked for his injury, Britt said he was “feeling OK.”

“It’s manageable right now, and I’m doing what they ask me to do,” he said.”

Will Britt be healthy for Week 1? “You never know with a hamstring. One day you’ll feel good, and then something’s in the air and (it’s) popping. And other days, you might feel bad and then get the fastest time you ran out there. So it’s really a feel thing day in and day out. I know a lot of guys feed off my energy. I know I’m in a position where it’s hard to go out there and see guys going to participate in practice, but I can’t come out there looking sad and being mad and miserable. That’s no good for anybody. But that’s just my personality. Every time I wake up, it’s time to get better,” Britt said.

Well, let’s see how will things work for him.

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