Kevin Love Reveals The Message He Texted LeBron After His Free Agency Decision

LeBron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers earlier this summer. He decided to opt out of his contract with the team, and many thought that he’d stick to his free agency. But, the king of basketball decided to become a Laker. What did Kevin Love think about this?

The Cavaliers accepted the fact that they will play without LeBron. Well, King James will definitely retire wearing a Laker uniform. The new contract brought him $154 million. But, his former teammates are still in shock. Can you imagine the emotions they had when the news broke out. Kevin Love was the first to comment on the king’s departure.

In his appearance for the HBO series “Ballers,” Love spoke about his former teammate and his new contract. He also answered questions about the rumors of his alleged calls and messages. Well, Love sure made some calls and then sent the king a message after learning the news about his contract.

Love just said that he told LeBron that he loves him, and wished him a good luck. “I told him I loved him. Told him I appreciated him and wished him good luck,” Love said at the time.

Not everyone was so happy to see LeBron leave Cleveland. Many thought that he will stick there for a while or for at least a year. But, hey, he knew it was time for changes, and his bold move was definitely a surprise. A good one.

The Los Angeles Lakers accepted LeBron, and they are ready for the new season. Although the Lakers aren’t seen as champions, they do have a chance of winning. With LeBron on their side, the team has great chances of scoring really high. Now they will challenge the Golden State Warriors without being afraid of a failure. Keep up the good job, guys!

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