Kevin Love Shares His Thoughts On LeBron’s Decision To Join Lakers

LeBron James joined the Los Angeles Lakers on the first day of his free agency, and the world of basketball turned into a chaos. Fans are still talking about his great move, and even his former teammates shared their thoughts on his departure from Cleveland. Kevin Love was the first to make comments.

According to the Cleveland Cavaliers star Kevin Love, King James had several plans in his head before inking his deal with the Lakers earlier this summer. We all know that Los Angeles wasn’t his only destination.

“I think he’s always looking for a different challenge. He’s always wondering what’s next, and it feels like sometimes he’s playing chess and everyone else is playing checkers,” Love said.

Others thought that basketball courts in L.A. weren’t the only thing that attracted LeBron to the city. We all noticed that LeBron is the only star the Lakers landed.

If LeBron was looking for a clear path to another NBA title, the Lakers wasn’t really his best option. What about staying with the Cavs? Both the Houston Rockets and Philadelphia 76ers showed interest in signing LeBron. But, his family supported his decision to move to Los Angeles.

That’s exactly what happened. LeBron signed his four-year contract with the team, and granted his $154 million.
The king is pretty optimistic about his game this season. He believes that the Lakers could climb to the top again. Can LeBron help the team win another championship? That would be awesome.

To be honest, LeBron already has his Hall of Fame-worthy resume. He doesn’t need more awards.

Bron came to L.A. to take care of his production company SpringHill Entertainment. He’s also taking care of Uninterrupted, and it has already ensured a deal with HBO Sports. We’re looking forward to see the first episode of The Shop.

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