Watch: LeBron James Shares A Video Dancing in Front of Crown Sculpture in His Backyard

LeBron James is pretty active on Instagram these days, and we’ve seen so much videos of him dancing. Well, I would dance, too.

Being LeBron James at the moment is the best thing that can ever happen to you. He signed a four-year contract with the Los Angeles Lakers, and we all know what does that mean. So, yes, the man is dancing whenever he can, and he’s more than ready to hit the basketball courts in L.A.

This time LeBron shared a video of his post-workout routine. It involves pizza, Rosé, a classic Lakers game, and some nice father-and-son time. Oh, we forgot the part about the dancing.

The king of basketball was dancing in front of a giant sculpture of crowns stacked on top of each other.

If you take a closer look at the photos of LeBron’s Brentwood mansion, you will be able to see that he’s actually in the backyard of his lovely home. However, the sculpture is a new piece. We haven’t seen it before. Bragging much?

Although we don’t have much details about James’ new art piece, we’ll try to find out the real story behind it. It’s a nice crown art piece.

Only kings wear crowns, and LeBron is the king of the basketball. He’s got every right to install such a piece in his backyard. He’s a three-time champion after all. And the ‘king’ tattoo on his arm? It says it all. Long live the king!
The new season will start soon, and the Lakers are getting ready for their big battle. They hope to have enough strenght and challenge the Golden State Warriors. James gives them this hope, and maybe they will eventually achieve that. The fan part comes when you realize that James will play against the Cleveland Cavaliers in November.

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