Watch: Tom Brady Throws Dime To Hogan For Touchdown

Tom Brady and Chris Hogan have been filling headlines since the Super Bowl, and this time the story involves a touchdown.

The New England Patriots confronted the Philadelphia Eagles in their second preseason contest, and the quarterback managed to take the Patriots offense 62 yards on eight plays that resulted in a four-yard touchdown pass to Chris Hogan in the end zone.


The Patriots are already negotiation Hogan’s contract extension as he will become a free agent next year. Although there’s still a lot to discuss over, it seems like the Pats are willing to keep him.

Chris did a nice thing during the game, and that’s exactly what the Pats need once the regular season starts. Maybe he should try really hard, give the Patriots a nice game, and then get the deal he dreams of.

We all noticed that Chris was limited to nine games in regular season last year, as he was injured. But, he still managed to get 59 targets from Brady. Hogan turned this into 34 catches, 439 yards and five touchdowns. If he was healthy, Chris could easily reach 104 targets, 59 receptions and 780 yards.

Tom Brady and Chris Hogan seem to be making a nice duo, and maybe this will be enough for the Patriots to extend his deal. Hogan’s game is clean, and he knows how to boost the contest.

He better be prepared for the games that follow, as head coach Bill Belichick is paying attention to every detail. The head coach can either help Chris stay in the team or kick him out. There’s nothing in between.

Let’s see how will Chris handle the pressure. If he wants all that money, he better earn every dollar. Although he is next in the line for the big cash, everything depends on his game.

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