Lance Stephenson Broke His Silence About New Lakers Teammate LeBron James

theScore is huge at the moment, and it also involves Lance Stephenson and his LeBron story. The 12-minute documentary is only available if you download the mobile app, but it’s not necessary that you do this, as VP of partnerships Aubrey Levy said.

theScore makes makes money from the news and scores app, and it’s the second biggest in North America. The company aims towards serving fans on social platforms, especially Instagram. When it comes to the profile of Lance Stephenson, staffer Ashkan Rahami was supposed to look out for potential short-form content. “Social is becoming such a substantive content platform on its own,” Levy said.

According to Levy, theScore has a million Instagram followers, and can hold its own platform, unlike ESPN and Bleacher Report. ESPN is based on the Snapchat show, and Bleacher Report turned House of Highlights into a digital publishing brand.

Even though these guys are finally starting to put more focus on mobile. I think there is fundamentally a strategic difference when you are a digital-exclusive and mainly mobile-exclusive company,” Levy said.

theScore is focusing on breaking news. They have their own documentaries, and that’s really important. “There’s consumer demand for premium. The tech is there to support rich, robust, multimedia experiences on mobile,” Levy explained. The Stephenson doc was created by a team of three.

theScore X is the latest addition and effort to become different. The video series are nothing like we’ve seen before.

There are also podcasts and games. Esports and gambling are major focuses, too.

The company will eventually monetize on its social following. However, that’s not the center of all projects at the moment, and let’s just enjoy the clip. Pay close attention.

What will be the next on the menu? We’re really happy with how theScore looks at the moment.

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