Lance Stephenson Talks About Famous Ear-Blow On LeBron James (Video)

The rivalry between LeBron James and Lance Stephenson was pretty strong, and nobody will ever forget the ear-blow strategy.

Yes, the ear-blow was definitely the moment to be remembered. It gave us laughs, and made us ask question the real thoughts that came across Stephenson’s mind.

The Pacers guard probably had something going on in his head, and talked about it during his interview with theScore. LeBron’s rival took us inside his attempt to rattle the king of basketball.

It was epic.

The strange part comes when you realized that Stephenson doesn’t even regret his move, but he sure asks himself about the things that made him do that.

Stephenson credits King James for staying composed. He said that it was pretty hard to aggravate LeBron. Well, he will now have to learn how to be friends with the dynamic forward, because yes, they’re playing on the same team. It will be fun to watch those games.

Let’s be honest, Stephenson knew how to frustrate LeBron during their rivalry, and the Lakers really hope that he will turn the annoyance into great game with the best player in the league.

Lebron will have to work on his chemistry with both the young talents and the veterans. He played for so long with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Lakers are a completely different story. Should we say a completely different world? Probably.
The Lakers will aim really high now that they have King James on their side. The Golden State Warriors will be one of their toughest opponents, and the season is already knocking on our door. Will LeBron help the Lakers win the championship? There were several changes in the team organization, and they didn’t quite get a star fit to LeBron’s height. That may be a problem, but they will sort it out.

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