LeBron And Savannah Had A Romantic ‘Maybach’ Date Night In Bev Hills (Video)

LeBron James knows how to express his real feelings, and this time he decided to have a lovely date night with his high school sweatheart.

LeBron and Savannah have been married since forever, and have three gorgeous kids together. This means the James family is busy in every part of the day. So, why don’t they just spoil themselves on a date night?

The king of basketball took his queen in Bev Hills, and had a fancy dinner in one of his favorite restaurants in town. Have you ever been to Avra? It’s the very same restaurant LeBron had dinner with Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Pacino last month. It’s a high-end Greek restaurant, and yes, he picked a really good place for him and the love of his life.

The James couple didn’t use the same exit door as the rest of the guests did, and they went through the back followed by a security team. There were a Maybach and a chauffeur waiting for them.

Although curious reporters tried to get any Trump-related comments out of LeBron, it didn’t work for them. The king was just not in the mood for talking Trump.

LeBron was the star of the day, as he was spotted working out at UCLA with his NBA fellows earlier in the day. We saw Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, Cedi Osman and Phil Handy. Rings a bell?

For many fans, this was just an effort to recruit Kawhi and Durant. Will they join the Lakers next year? If everything goes according to the plan, LeBron could form a superteam in Los Angeles, and we all know the outcome.

LeBron is getting involved in pretty much everything associated with the Lakers. Will he manage to get a few more stars inside the team? We’ll have to wait until next year to find out.

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