LeBron James Breaks The Internet With a Photo Of Him in the Gym

The citizens of Akron, Ohio, had the most exciting week of their lives, and it’s all because of their biggest pride and joy… the legend – LeBron James. This Monday, James and his Family Foundation opened a new school for the troubled youth.

Thousands of people attended the opening ceremony on Monday and listened to James talk about his biggest accomplishment. His ‘I Promise’ school will welcome more than 240 students and help them get their diplomas.

After opening the school, the King decided to pay a visit to his alma mater, St. Vincent-St. Mary, and recall the good-old times with a workout session in the school gym. He posted a picture on his Instagram account and wrote:

“Nothing like being inside the place where it all started putting in work! Felt as great as anything could feel. Love what St.V did for me while I attended and in return i just try to make you proud! #irishpride #striveforgreatness p.s. Of course my guy @mikemancias1 is always by my hip on alert! Yes sir brother!!”

James had spent so many hours practicing in that gym. Even today, he still has a special place in his heart for SVSM. And he didn’t miss the chance to give something in return. After becoming the successful player he is today, LeBron gave $2 million to the school to express his gratitude. The donations reportedly include $1 million to renovate the gymnasium, about $250,000 to buy new uniforms for all athletes and band members, and a recent $100,000 check for the school to use at it chooses.

It’s incredible to see how much LeBron cares about his community. Hopefully, his generosity will serve as an example to other athletes, all around the world!

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